"My priority will be to apply decades of local community service experience to the important work that Council does. I will use my professional skills as a lawyer to carefully review and critically analyze the issues, to listen empathetically, and to ask tough questions. I will follow the same basic philosophy that I learned years ago: if you see a need, and you have the means, just do it."
A Better Future for All of Us

Salem is expected to grow by another 60,000 people by 2035. The decisions we make today will shape what Salem looks like for generations to come. As your Councilor, I’m committed to finding win-win solutions that allow growth while improving livability and neighborhood amenities.  

Climate Action

Several cities already have a Climate Action Plan, and it’s high time we join them. We can and we should seek buy-in and participation from our community. We can and we should incentivize renewable energy, green spaces, tree canopy, bicycling, public transit and walkable neighborhoods.


Taxpayers should expect results. As your Councilor, I will take a hard look and ask hard questions about whether we’re getting the best results possible for our tax dollars.  

Public Safety

Recent shootings highlight the need for enough public safety officers to serve our growing population and keep families safe. As Salem continues to grow, we must ensure adequate emergency response time by Salem’s first responders in order to save lives.


Salem can’t solve the homelessness problem by itself, but we can and should be part of the solution. As your Councilor, I will work to make sure that no member of our community is without a home because of domestic violence or fear, that we’ll use all the tools possible to maximize the construction of affordable housing, and that we’ll treat the chronically homeless with compassion by providing bathrooms, showers, and other basic needs.

Protect our Trees and Green Spaces

The City is growing, but we can’t let that happen at the expense of our parks, trees, and open spaces.  As your Councilor, I will work to make sure we don’t trade away ward 7’s expansive tree canopy and open spaces as we respond to needs of a growing city. 

Youth Engagement

Salem kids are experiencing a mental health crisis, as evidenced by the heartbreaking number of teen suicides across Salem. Connection and engagement with kid-friendly City programming can counteract feelings of isolation and alienation. 


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