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Vanessa Nordyke

for Salem City Council Ward 7
Service - Experience - Leadership


We beat the odds. My opponent raised more money than anyone in Salem City Council history, a jaw-dropping $74,000 and counting, in addition to several well-financed political action committees. They threw the kitchen sink at us: television ads, social media ads, push polls, and mailers aimed at thousands of voters. 



Our campaign decided to stay positive and professional, no matter what. 


We won by 15 percentage points. 



Join me—and my fellow new City Councilors—in building a brighter future for everyone who calls Salem home. This includes people who cannot afford to donate to a political campaign. This includes people without a home to call their own. This includes people who don’t speak English as their first language. This includes the local business owners, low-income seniors, and working families all struggling to keep a roof over their heads. The fastest way out of this pandemic is by working together, not by tearing each other down. 


Crisis is an opportunity to come together.  Let’s take it.



To everyone who made this victory possible, thank you. I was honored and humbled to have some 60 volunteers and campaign team members, as well as hundreds of neighbors and business owners who agreed to a yard sign. Dozens of donors gave $25 or $50 of their hard-earned money to our campaign. My campaign team included former Mayor Mike Swaim; his legacy lives on and can still be seen in every corner of Salem. I would like to thank my opponent, Reid Sund, for his work on the City Budget Committee and other endeavors in our community. I would like to thank Sally Cook, my predecessor on Salem City Council, whose steadfast dedication to our community serves as daily inspiration. I would like to thank my peers on City Council and others who endorsed me. Last but certainly not least, my thanks and my love to my family, Alex, and Sierra. 


We did it!